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Directory Listings will run $150 per year.
The first 50 listings get half off!

Display ad space also available.
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Best Gay Lesbian LGBT Accommodations

Who doesn’t like to travel?!

See new places.
Experience new and different cultures.
Witness spectacular views and vistas.
Escape the cold for warm tropical beaches.
Spend the night in a thousand year old castle.
Touch a piece of ancient architecture.

There is nothing like witnessing these things first hand. No book can come close to being there!


Do you realize that  we are the first people for whom it is possible to possess any corner of the globe within twenty-four hours — in twenty-four hours or less, you can be anywhere in the world!

Only since about 1950, has air travel around the globe been available for the masses. We live in an amazing time of technology.

They say we will be able to fly to the MOON  before 2020!

And whether you choose to stay in a castle or a bed and breakfast, hopefully you will be treated like the king – or queen –  that you deserve to be treated as.

As gay people, we want, and can sometimes demand (depending on what country you are in) to be treated with respect. And not be asked if we want two double beds, when we clearly reserved one QUEEN/KING bed!

According to some, travel in general is about a $7-8 TRILLION industry!  And allegedly, us  LGBT folks spend over $70-80 BILLION a year on travel.

EVERYONE wants a piece of the pie. And customer service has greatly improved in this last decade.

These days you can look for the IGLTA logo,  Tag Approved, Gay Comfort, etc.  But the buyer has to beware. Do your homework and check places out. Read reviews.  I come right out and ask, at the time of my booking, “Are you gay-friendly?”  I tell them I am traveling with my husband, and we want one bed!

Here on this site, in the coming months, we will be building out our worldwide directory of gay and gay-friendly places to stay.  If you look to the left, in the sidebar under catagories, you can select the country you wish to visit, and there you will be able to find listings of places we have reviewed, or friends, or readers have reviewed and submitted to us.

Give us time though – we just launched  December 2010!
It will take time to populate all there corners of the Earth!
If you have a suggestion for us, tell the property to contact us, or you can send us an email!

Best Gay and Lesbian Travel
Hotels and Accommodations

Be sure to check out or Best Gay Travel Guide  and Best Gay Cites  too!

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Tips and Ideas for Picking A Great Hotel for You!

We’ve all had a
bad hotel experience.

It’s no fun…bedbugs, cockroaches, rude staff, run down and worn property and  little or no amenities. Choosing the right hotel is always a trying task, and with the enormous number of promotions, deals and programs out there, it can be downright overwhelming.

It doesn’t help that these days most hotels have Web sites full of tantalizing photos and slick promotional copy that make you believe you’ll be bathed in the luxe life as soon as you step foot into the lobby. How can you tell if a hotel will live up to its own hype — and, more importantly, if it’s the right hotel for you?

Every traveler has different needs when searching for a hotel, you’ll need to ask yourself what’s most important to you. Whether you’re looking for a great deal, a great location or a great B&B, there are lots of things to thing about and questions to ask before giving the deposit.

What Matters Most To You?

Before beginning your search, you have to ask yourself what type of accommodations you want and what your budget will permit.

Does location trump price, or are you limited to hotels under $150 a night? Do you need a hotel with a pool and air conditioning, or would you rather stay at a small property with lots of local charm?

There are lots of things that may or may
not be important to you….



Is there an exercise room?
Is there a pool?
Is there parking nearby?
Is the hotel near public transportation?
Is there a restaurant on site?
Is there a bar on site?
Do certain rooms have betterviews?
Does the hotel offer smoking/nonsmoking rooms?
What are the hotel’s environmental policies?
How safe is the neighborhood?

What is the hotel’s cancellation policy?
What facilities are there for the disabled?

If you are overseas or in a bed and breakfast, ask if there are shared bathrooms. private bathrooms or showers, and how many there are per room. Will food or meals be provided?

There are really  about 5 things that I personally look at for me….

Price and Location are at the top of my list. I want to stay within my budget but I don’t want to be miles away from “the action”. So I wegh those two, back and fourth.

I usually start with HOTELS COMBINED . Search all the best travel sites at once and find the cheapest price. I look at the location then I browse  the  Verified Reviews™ from trusted sources.  (see below).

Neighborhoods are USUALLY important for a lot of people. You want a hotel close to the neighborhood you plan to visit the most. If your goal is to visit Boystown in Chicago , you certainly don’t want a $90 hotel thats 20 miles away. You will pay in cab fares what you saved on the room.


 Amenities - Most  hotel booking engines allow you to specify certain amenities when you’re searching, such as a fitness center, swimming pool or restaurant/bar. Do you need a coffee pot in the room? a blow dryer? What are your needs or concerns?

Ambience and  Flavor –  If you’d rather avoid the big chains, you’re in luck — there are many B&B’s, inns and small independent and boutique hotels that don’t appear on the major booking engines. ( a lot of them list here with us).  A few common alternatives to standard hotels include bed and breakfasts, vacation rentals, home exchanges and homestays/farmstays. And if you’re looking for something truly different — like a treehouse or an igloo — take a browse through the Unusual Hotels of the World.

REVIEWS -Check out the review sites, such asTravel Advisor, Yelp,or even reviews onGoogle Maps. Nothing says more than the real-life experiences of people who have lodged at the Hotel you’re considering. But remember, 10 people can see the same room 7 different ways! But if there is a good good mix, with mostly positive, you are probably in good shape.

And above all, for many of us, we want “GAY-FRIENDLY“.  Does the staff  welcome the LGBT community. Do you provide local information LGBTs? I want one bed for  “US”…is that a problem? Be blunt. I am not about to hand over my hard-earned cash if they don’t treat me with respect. Now is the time to find out!

So think about what is important FOR YOU. And use the stragey everytime, when hunting for hotels!


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The Most Unusual Hotels and Places to Stay! Tree House vs. Ice House

OK –  so these places are not GAY!
But most of them are gay-friendly
and so highly-unusual,
you simply MUST SEE THEM

Most of us as kids wanted a tree house.
Here ya go!  Two extremely unique properties, both in Chile.

Parque Huilo Huilo is  a sprawling private nature reserve, midway between Neltume and Puerto Fuy, on the east side of Volcán Choshuenco (Choshuenco Volcano) in Chile.  The Magic Mountain Hotel and the Baobab Hotel, in the parque were built by the same owners.


The Baobab is the newer of the two  and built, as it name suggests, to resemble a baobob tree. All the styling and decor is inspired by the natural surroundings and crafted by indigenous artists designing in wood from the area. Windows, walls, doors and stairs are all carved out of the local rustic woods. All rooms have private bathrooms and central heating as standard and penthouse suites offer the added luxury of hydro massage bath. An impressive panoramic elevator offers a magnificent view when visiting the nine floors of Baobab lodge. There are two restaurants offering gastronomic menus, and there is an international bar. exquisite gastronomical delights and an important international bar. Baobab is an ideal place to relax in a quiet natural setting.



The Magic Mountain Hotel is not just another hotel. Located within the Huilo Huilo Private Natural Reserve, Chile, it is without a doubt one of most unique hotels in South America. This exclusive lodge is shaped like a volcano and but yet, complete with every modern comfort.


The hotel is decorated in a natural and cozy mountain style with local wood and stone. Windows, walls, doors and stairs are all carved out of the local rustic woods. Large windows of the hotel add warm tones to the wood.  Each nine room is named for a different local species of bird and all of them have private well-equipped bathrooms.


The major attraction here is hot Tubs in the Forest, made of huge trunks of trees. They are filled with hot water and are set on a platform overlooking the forest. This is really a place to take a very good glass wine and relax.  Approx $150-$200 / night.


Then of course, there is the “polar” opposite extreme! ICE HOTELS. Sleep well at -5 degrees! ICEHOTEL is situated in the village Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, 12 km from Kiruna Airport. This is the first and the LARGEST.  Staying at ICEHOTEL is an experience utterly unlike other hotel stays.


A hotel built of ice and snow! “it is not a only a hotel we build each winter, it is an ephemeral art project. And it is not a menu we create for every season, we cultivate the many flavours of Swedish Lapland. To sleep in a room made of ice and snow is a surreal experience and a memory for life.

At the Ice Hotel, you can find every bit of luxury, fun and entertainment. It offers two types of unique accommodations – cold OR  warm. To enjoy Ice Hotel at its best, it is suggested that you stay at least for one night at the cold accommodation and then shift to the usual warm accommodation. The hotel has all types of luxurious facilities with eye feasting interior decoration and wonderful natural beauty all around.  $200-$300/night



Hotel Kakslauttanen (which is ABOVE the Arctic Cirlce)  has 40 first-class log cabins, out of which 5 are queen suites, 1 honeymoon, and 1 traditional Lappish farmer log house. Open year round. The cabins are located sufficiently far apart and each cabin enjoys its own peaceful garden area. We have the world’s largest smoke sauna, equipped with its own restaurant, the main building log house restaurant, two exotic Lapp tent restaurants and a charming snow restaurant.

In winter we offer a possibility to stay overnight in a traditional snow igloo or a unique futuristic glass igloo, where you can admire the northern lights in a normal room temperature under the glass ceiling. Igloo Village is also home to snow chapel and an ice bar both built every winter. Igloo Village is open every year from December/January and until the end of April.

Finland is the land of NOKIA  so your cell phone will work just fine!
Fireplaces and Heating Systems are available.

Sleeping in the nude is probably not a good idea!

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Hotel Tips….and Tipping

Tips and Tipping
can be very confusing
and sometimes stressful.

Did I tip enough?
Why do I have to tip?

Not every hotel you are going to stay in will have a doorman, bellman and concierge. Heck, some just have slacker Sam, who makes $7/hour, asleep behind the desk. In this case, you needn’t worry  because tipping is probably not expected.

MOST hospitality workers make a very low hourly rate. So if you’re staying in a place slightly more upscale, tipping is both customary and appreciated. Keep in mind that when you’re tipping a service person at your hotel, you’re essentially paying a part of that person’s salary.

Because tipping is a way of rewarding good service, there is no way to say what is appropriate across the board. Tip at your own discretion, but keep in mind the following guidelines:

- Valet: $1 – $2 (more in bad weather)
- Shuttle Driver: $1 – $2 if he has to handle my luggage for me.

– Doorman:
This one kind of annoys me. I don’t need someone to hold a door for me. But if hails me a cab
(which I can also do for myself, thank you very much, $1  or perhaps $2 is a good general rule.
- Bellman: $1 – $2 per bag (when bags are brought up and down from your room) Depends on how many I have and how heavy they are, for how much I tip them. And you totally carry your own bags up too. It’s up to you. HOWEVER, you should not ask to borrow the bellman’s cart in order to bring your suitcases up to your room on your own and avoid shelling out a tip. The bellman and his cart are a package deal — if you want to carry your own bag, use your arms! If your room is not ready and you request that the bellman store your bags … you tip! A bellman’s tips are not limited to carting bags to and from hotel rooms. Tip the bellman for each major task that he performs for you. Sometimes if I have noon checkout, but not leaving the area for a couple hours, I will ask them to hold my bags for me. Again, tip! They are doing you a favor.


- Concierge: $2 – $20 (depending on the level of attention; for simple questions like directions, no tip is necessary). It just depends on what he does for you.


Room Service: 15 percent of the bill or at least $2 (not required if gratuity is included)
Housekeeping: $2 – $5 per night (the messier you are, the higher the tip) I like to tip my housekeeper for each night instead of giving one large tip at the end of my stay. You may not have the same housekeeper each evening and a single tip given before you leave may not get distributed evenly to all staff members who cleaned your room.
Coat Check: $1 is usually good.
Tour Guides: Most people do not tip tour guides. But if they are really great, I DO tip.

Always CARRY CASH! Try to ALWAYS keep $1 singles on hand. You can always use them.


Some people say that if the staff member who is assisting you seems rude at first, do not withhold a tip. In a foreign country, what you interpret as rudeness may simply be a difference in culture. However, if you are deeply affected by the unhelpful behavior of a staff member who has been consistently rude throughout your stay, tip the minimum and notify the hotel manager of the offense. It is the manager’s job to dole out consequences for substandard service, not yours. –  I don’t fully agree with that. I DO withhold a tip, or give a very low tip for bad/rude service and I DO notify the management.

Traveling to foreign cities can be tricky. A common mistake made by travelers is asking their service person if he or she requires a tip. Don’t do this! Not only does this present a conflict of interest to a cash-strapped service person who doesn’t normally take tips, but in countries where saying what you mean is not the social norm, a clueless traveler may end up stiffing a polite waiter or bellhop. Ask the management. Should I tip this person or that person? They will tell you, what is customary.  Some countries pay their hospitality staff a decent wage –  unlike the United States.

When I was in Prague, I left a waiter, who was very nice and very cute, a 20% tip. He was flabbergasted! He told me it is customary to just tip a dollar or two. They don’t expect tips in general. Magellan’s offers a useful Worldwide Tipping Guide online, that summarizes acceptable tips in other countries in a convenient chart. This is a GREAT free resource. Check it out.

Best Gay and Lesbian Travel
Hotels and Accommodations

Be sure to check out or Best Gay Travel Guide  and Best Gay Cites  too!


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Unique Hotels and Places to Stay

Some people like the familiar “brand name” hotel, when they travel. Myself, I don’t really want to stay at the big name, brand name chain hotel everywhere I go. I like to try new, interesting and different properties. I am an  EXPLORER!

I think my favorite unique hotel in the US is the Madonna Inn. One year on a trip down the California Coast, we had planned a stop at the magnificent Hearst Castle.  And a friend told me, “You HAVE TO stay at the Madonna Inn one night! It’s close by!”

Madonna Inn is a landmark resort hotel on California’s Central Coast, that began with 12 rooms, in 1958.  Imaginative interior design and architecture make this inn a unique….One hundred ten unique rooms now exist, each decorated differently to suit many individual tastes…rock rooms, waterfall showers, rock fireplaces, fun and funky decor, European fixtures, and fine furnishings to name a few.
An employee told me that sometimes guests are compelled to complain about their room just so they can take a look at another!

The kitschy charm (some say it tacky and dated) of the Madonna Inn has been one of California’s most unique landmark attractions and today it is a very sought after spot for lodging, meeting and conventions. The Madonna Inn offers an unforgettable experience with fine dining & entertainment, unique overnight lodging, banquet rooms for intimate weddings & receptions, exclusive clothing, gift & wine shops and limo service.

The leaded glass work throughout Madonna Inn and the large etched glass windows in the coffee shop, almost things of the past, were custom made for the Inn. The leaded glass inserts in the windowed area facing the large fireplace are of particular interest, since each insert illustrates one of the various Madonna enterprizes: construction, lumber and cattle.


The hand-carved marble balustrade in the Gold Rush dining room (which is OVER THE TOP!) came from the Hearst Castle. All copper and brass items were etched and/or shaped from original designs and fabricated right on the premises. The 28-foot gold tree fixture in the main dining room was made from electrical conduit left over from building projects as well as from left over remnants of copper.





Several wood carvers were brought in for the specialty work of hand carving the doors, beams, railings and the many other carved adornments you see here at the Madonna Inn.


The Madonna Inn sits on approximately 2,200 acres and the large rocks used in the construction came from these surrounding acres. Some of the larger rocks weigh in excess of 200 tons each.

There’s a wine cellar, bakery, coffee shop, dining room, the cocktail lounge, banquet rooms, ladies’ boutique, men’s gift shop, and the gourmet shop. If you are ever doinig a California coastal trip, or somewhere near Hearst Castle, you must spend a night here! $150-$300/night.

Another really unique property is the Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin, Germany. CITY LODGE, is a habitable work of art in the heart of berlin, whose wealth of ideas never fails to attract everyone into its gravitational field and to continue inspiring guests long afterwards.

The  CITY LODGE is a – truly – VERY extraordinary location. All rooms and objects were created by the German artist Lars Stroschen. Much more appropriate than “hotel” is the designation “living in a work of art”.

30 rooms with an absolutely unique and personal ambience. “Unique” is meant literally, for the entirety of all furnishings and other objects you will discover here are custom-made, individual handiwork.

None can be found anywhere else on this planet – one could consider the CITY LODGE to be a MUSEUM with guest accomodations or a stay-in work of SCULPTURE.

Padded Cell is  top to bottom and all around the bed, everything is upholstered with tufted green leather. A kingly or queenly room where one can hear his own heart beat when the spirit grows weary. Small but exquisite, and undeniably noble on top of that!

Mirrored Room isDefinitely one of City Lodge’s highlights. The diamand-shaped room is completely(!) laid out with mirrors and gives you the impression of living in a kaleidoscope. Caution: Very sexy!

What About His and His coffins?  In Gruft, you get 2 coffins and  you can even slumber beneath closed lids! Exclusively connoisseur room for all those “Nosferatus” who cannot wait for that which awaits us all. Whosoever has second thoughts can creep to the bedplace below, safe within the labyrinth. Not only a unique experience for Gothic die-hards…an exquisite location on top of that!

All of the rooms are designed and constructed without compromise (!), varying from the tame to the extreme, and are well able to more or less alter your perspective of reality – according to your taste and sense of adventure.

Other strange place…..Jail!  In Australia! If you’ve ever spent a night in jail you probably don’t want to go back. However, for the do-gooders that may never get there – The Jail in Australia is just the place to get locked up for the night, sans the legal fees and court appearance. This old prison in Mount Gambier has been transformed into a lodging aimed at budget travelers. Considering guests will have to eat in the mess hall and sleep next to a toilet, it’s pretty safe to say that anyone with more than budget needs should steer clear of The Jail.

So step out of your comfort zone and experience something new and different!
After, isn’t that with life is all about!

Happy Travels

Best Gay and Lesbian Travel
Hotels and Accommodations

Be sure to check out or Best Gay Travel Guide  and Best Gay Cites  too!

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Bed and Breakfast Options for the Gay Traveler

So many travelers are ONLY comfortable with a big brand name  hotel. But there is whole world of options. And one of those is the Bed and Breakfast or B&B.


The B&D is a small lodging establishment that offers overnight accommodations and breakfast, but usually does not offer other meals. Typically, bed and breakfasts are private homes with fewer than 10 bedrooms available for commercial use. Some will have private showers and some may have shared facilities.  Usually if they have more than 10 rooms, it will called an  INN.


During the Great Depression, many people opened their homes to travelers to bring in some additional money for the family. The term “boarding house” was used at this time. After the Depression, this type of lodging declined and many people had the idea they were just for low-income travelers or drifters. In the early fifties, people may remember the term “tourist home” being used. This too was essentially a form of bed and breakfast. Once motels were built on the new highways, they were soon forgotten.

TIME MAGAZINE reported m, Americans have a wide array of lodgings to choose from when they take a vacation: high-rise hotels, rustic resorts, motels by the bay. Yet more and more people are flocking to bed-and-breakfast inns, the most old-fashioned homes away from home. Just 20 years ago, there were only 1,000 B and Bs, as they are nicknamed, scattered throughout the country. Today there are more than 28,000 serving more than 50 million guests each year.


What’s the appeal?

Bed-and-breakfasts, often situated in elegant, historic homes, tap into everyone’s fantasy of living another life. Many have been lovingly renovated with period decorations, inviting visitors to step back in time. Others carry a theme throughout the house. Since on average they have only seven or eight rooms, they offer peace and quiet, a rare commodity in the average home.


The hosts, who nearly always live on the premises, provide plenty of coddling. They will recommend local attractions, help with dinner reservations, often provide an afternoon tea or glass of sherry–and, yes, usually prepare a delicious homemade breakfast. -  or sometimes their kitchen may be an open self-serve situation.

A couple things to consider: Some of these properties will have pets on the premises. So if you have allergies, you may want to ask.  Some may or may not allow children.   At a hotel, you’re likely to find a room well-stocked with things like cable TV, WiFi, toiletries, and even a mini-fridge or a microwave. B&Bs tend to have fewer perks in the room, although you may have ample access to the same amenities elsewhere in the house. If you need to check email frequently or can’t go to sleep without the TV on, check beforehand whether the B&B you’re considering offers those things.

Keep in mind, you will be in close contact with some of the other guests. Are you comfortable sharing a home with people you haven’t met, or do you prefer the anonymity of a large hotel? B&B hosts tend to be an affable lot with broad knowledge and deep insight into the local culture and are generally more than happy to offer restaurant and sightseeing suggestions. They’ll serve you breakfast with a smile and a bit of friendly chit-chat. Many people find the personal attention a big bonus; others, not so much. Just know your preference.


As you view our listings a bed and breakfast will be notated with a bold B&D

Best Gay and Lesbian Travel
Hotels and Accommodations

Be sure to check out or 
Best Gay Travel Guide  and Best Gay Cites  too!

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Gay LGBT Travel and Living the Luxe Life!

Have you ever dreamed of spending a relaxing night at a luxury hotel? Or maybe planning a romantic evening or a honeymoon where you want to impress your beloved?

What would you want included? A gorgeous view?
A large comfy bed? A jacuzzi? A personal butler?

A luxury room or suite can easily run $15,000 –  $30,000  a night!
Who has that kind of money! Not most of us.

An article this past spring, showcased their top 10 choices of luxury.
Dubai, Paris, Rome…they are all here!

I have always been smitten with the  The former Versace Mansion, Casa Casuarina,  now known as
The Villa by Barton G.

Located on Ocean Drive in South Beach, Miami. This stunning 19,000 square foot Villa, along with its elegance and magnificence also boasts an Observatory on its roof, Opulently decorated boutique-style rooms, Enchanting courtyard with Antique Fountain, Swimming Pools, Boutique Hotel, and Fine Dining Restaurant. It’s no wonder that the former Versace Mansion is the third most photographed house in the United States behind the White House and Graceland.

The hotel has suites that range from the 434 square-foot Medallion Suite which overlooks one of the most beautiful mosaics in the mansion, to the amorous 1,428 square-foot Venus Suite with its two private balconies perched above Ocean Drive and the mansion’s Thousand Mosaic Pool.

Versace’s one-time bedroom is now The Villa Suite (1,174 square-foot), and contains a nine-foot double king-size bed, two balconies, seven closets and a custom oversized shower.

An overnight visit to The Villa By Barton G. is enhanced by a dedicated staff of British-trained and certified butlers who personally attend to guests throughout their stay.

Spa services are available in-room, poolside and rooftop, as is open access to the mansion’s two private lounges, lush Mosaic Gardens and the Thousand Mosaic swimming pool.

Following in the footsteps of Barton G’s other culinary triumphs is The Dining Room at The Villa By Barton G., which is open from 7 p.m. to late, seven nights a week. Overnight rates at The Villa By Barton G. start at a mere $1,900/night through October and $2,500/night beginning Nov. 1, their peak season starting point.

Best Gay and Lesbian Travel
Hotels and Accommodations

Be sure to check out or Best Gay Travel Guide  and Best Gay Cites  too!

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Top Destinations for LGBT Travelers


For the past 14 years,
Community Marketing, Inc . (CMI)
has been conducting its Annual Gay & Lesbian Tourism Study, the most comprehensive and longest-running such survey in the LGBT marketplace.


Many of the questions are asked in consistent ways to a similar study panel, in order to identify LGBT travel trends and changes over time.

For those new to CMI’s research, all the questions provide important insight into the travel motivations, preferences and interests of gay men and lesbians.

Pride Events are Important -

Unaffected by recessionary influences, nearly a quarter of the respondents reported traveling to another city and spending at least one night in a hotel to attend a Pride event; same as previous years.

Nationally, Pride events continue to move millions of hotel nights in the Unites States, and Pride remains an important motivator for LGBT travelers under 35.


Gay Men and Lesbian Booking Patterns

It is interesting to note that Gays and lesbians are primarily booking their travel directly via airline and hotel websites (56%) or through online travel agencies such as Travelocity or Orbitz (34%).

Direct booking is significantly more important than web-based travel services, so for travel suppliers, developing relationships with the gay and lesbian community to encourage direct booking through your own website is extremely important.Travel suppliers and destinations having an LGBT “microsite” with dedicated content is a positive motivator for LGBT consumers.

Top 25 US Destinations for American LGBT Travelers, with percentage who visited and spent a night in a hotel (as Combined Leisure & Business Travel Ranking)

•1) New York City : 32%
•2) San Francisco : 27%
•3) Las Vegas : 26%
•4) Chicago : 25%
•5) Los Angeles / West Hollywood : 24%
•6) Washington, DC: 23%
•7) Fort Lauderdale : 17%
•8) San Diego: 15%
•9) Orlando: 14%
•9) Seattle: 14%
•11) Boston: 13%
•11) Philadelphia: 13%
•13) Palm Springs  12%
•13) Atlanta: 12%
•13) Miami: 12%
•16) Dallas : 11%
•16) Denver: 11%
•16) Phoenix/Tempe/Scottsdale: 11%
•19) New Orleans: 10%
•20) Napa County, CA: 9%
•20) Provincetown, MA: 9%
•20) Sonoma County, CA: 9% 23) Portland, OR 8%
•23) Baltimore: 8%
•23) Tampa/St. Pete: 8%

Top Canadian Destinations for American LGBT Travelers
•1) Toronto
•2) Montreal
•3) Vancouver

Top European Destinations for American LGBT Travelers
•1) England
•2) France
•3) Germany
•4) Italy
•5) Spain

I have always loved to travel. Seeing new things, meeting new people, exposing myself to different lands, customs, and most especially viewing magnificent landscapes is a particularly fulfilling experience for me.

And having a great place to stay can really make your trip memorable!

Hopefully, you’ll find that place here!

Best Gay and Lesbian Travel
Hotels and Accommodations

Be sure to check out or Best Gay Travel Guide  and Best Gay Cites  too!


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Hotel Discounts and Special Rates

My favorite booking engine,
currently, is

It does all the work for you!

  • Search all the best travel sites at once and find the cheapest price. Instantly compare hotel details, rates, availability and taxes from such websites as,,, (and many more) all in one set of search results.


  • Browse confidently with
    Verified Reviews™ from trusted sources only


  • Click to buy direct from hotels or your favorite travel sites



Best Part, it’s easy and 100% free!

do you know what a CORPORATE IS?

A hotel corporate rate is a reduced price for hotel rooms that is generally offered to business clients. The discount is usually a ten percent reduction in the regular, published room rate. The goal of corporate rate programs is to get business travelers into the hotel by offering them an incentive in the form of lower prices. A business traveler who feels that he or she is getting a good deal is likely to tell fellow employees about it, which brings more business to the hotel.


With many hotel chains, getting a corporate discount, or business traveler discount, is as simple as requesting it. You don’t have to be part of a big corporation; just explain that you are there on business and that you may be able to bring future business to the hotel. Most hotels will offer you that reduced rate. They may ask for a personal printed business card with a company name and address on it. –  but in most cases, they will not. You just tell them you are traveling for business.

If you work for a larger company  that regularly books hotel rooms for their employees usually they get a different negotiated corporate rate and you may have to show your employee identification in order to get that lower rate. Many hotels will honor that corporate rate even if you are not there on a business trip, as long as you show your company ID. And another nice benefit is that the corporate rate is often honored at any of their locations around the world, whether you are traveling for business or pleasure.

A Helpful Tip for Getting a Hotel Discount: if you are not using a booking engine, you can try to call the hotel’s local phone number instead of the 800 number. If you can speak to someone who actually works at the specific hotel you will be visiting, that employee usually has more freedom to offer discounts than the customer service representatives manning the toll free phone lines.

Are state and local employees eligible for government rates?
In most cases, yes. Just bring your agency ID card with you.

Are military personnel eligible for government rates?
In almost all cases, yes.  Just ask!

Beware of non-refundable hotel reservations that could cost you a lot of money if you change or cancel them.

Best Gay and Lesbian Travel
Hotels and Accommodations

Be sure to check out or Best Gay Travel Guide  and Best Gay Cites  too!

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CLICK for Gay Travel in USA – Places to Stay

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(normally  $150 per year!)



INNdulge - A Resort Hotel for Gay Men in the Heart of Warm Sands. Come to Gay Palm Springs,California. INNdulge Palm Springs, a resort hotel for gay men offers clothing optional / nude sunbathing. Pool and Jacuzzi open 24 hours. One of the best gay hotels and gay resorts in Palm Springs, California.


Gaslamp Vacations - San Diego vacation rentals are the specialty of Gaslamp Vacations. Book Gaslamp Quarter condos and sun-kissed beach and coastal home vacation rentals. Gaslamp Vacations allows you to search REAL-TIME for only AVAILABLE units. 

Golden Gate VacationsSan Francisco vacation rentals from Golden Gate Vacations are available for family, corporate and short term rentals. At Golden Gate Vacations, we make the City by the Bay feel like home. Our wide selection of privately owned and managed San Francisco vacation rentals are fully equipped and ideal for a family vacation or business trip.



Chicago City Suites  - Displaying turn-of-the-century architecture and sophisticated art deco furnishings, the hotel offers both business and leisure travelers an unrivaled degree of service with a host of premier amenities that exudes style and an inviting ambience that is visually striking.City Suites is part of Broughton Hotels Chicago, which also features the Majestic Hotel and Willows Hotel. All located in the Boystown area.

Hotel 71  – Downtown. Hotel 71 is a modern urban boutique hotel experience, perfectly located on the Chicago River at Wacker Drive and Michigan Avenue – the famous “Magnificent Mile”. The hotel’s fresh style, large rooms and suites, beautifully appointed meeting space, friendly service and an unrivalled location at the epicenter of downtown Chicago, make it the best luxury hotel for both business and leisure travelers.

Majestic Hotel  – The Majestic Hotel the pre-eminent boutique hotel in Chicago. Offering the atmosphere of a well-appointed, upscale English country estate, this 100 percent, non-smoking Hotel offers the perfect haven of relaxation amidst the bustling, energetic city life found in the every popular Lakeview/Boystown neighborhood.

   Willows Hotel - European flair and exceptional service is what you will find at The Willows Hotel. Designated a Historical Landmark building by the city of Chicago, The Willows is located less than two blocks from the scenic shores of Lake Michigan, and in the heart of the exclusive Lincoln Park/Lakeview area.

Walk into the Hotel’s Lobby and experience an ambience that is reminiscent of a chic, European inn complete with French style décor, 19th century French reproduction furnishings, and patterned wall coverings. Here you will enjoy a sophisticated atmosphere and a gracious staff that will ensure your comfort and complete satisfaction during your stay.  The Willows Hotel is part of Broughton Hotels of Chicago, along with our sister hotels City Suites and The Majestic Hotel.




Maui Sun Seeker -   is Hawaii’s largest gay owned and operated resort, welcoming all but, catering primarily to the LGBT traveler. The place on Maui where you can feel free to be yourself.   25 guests rooms and suites makes us the largest hotel in all of Hawaii serving the gay and lesbian market. Right on the warm sunny South shore in Kihei, the Sunseeker is perfect
for such gorgeous ocean views.  They entice daily morning beach walks.
Or enjoy new found friends on the rooftop deck while drinking in the
romantic sunsets.  Located on a white sand beach in  Kihei, on Maui’s beautiful south shore, Maui Sunseeker is the perfect place for gorgeous Pacific Ocean views, seasonal whale watching and magical Maui sunsets!


Best Gay Travel Hotels and Accommodations in the USA!

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CLICK for Gay Travel in Canada – North America

Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Yukon Territory…

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Best Gay Travel Hotels and Accomodations in Canada!

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CLICK for Gay Travel and Places to Stay in Europe

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, U.K. (England, Scotland, Wales)

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Club Temple Hotel  -Seifertova 32/3,  130 00  Praha 3, Wonderful guest house!  Temple Hotel is ideally and centrally situated to enjoy both Prague’s lively gay scene and also major tourist attractions.

They offer a selection of suites and standard rooms to match all tastes and budgets. And their friendly and helpful staff are on hand to take care of your every need during your stay. –  It is also connected to coffee bar and a dance bar club. Lots of hot young men!

Hotel Jewel -  Rytířská 3,    110 00 Praha 1,   Jewel – design boutique hotel(U Klenotnika) is charming 4 stars * boutique hotel, Which belongs to the top family run hotels in the center of Prague.

The hotel is situated in historical building and besides the unique desing and comfort it also offers a great location – only 1 minute walk to Wenceslas Square and 3 minutes from Old Time Square. With its 11 boutique rooms, Jewel Hotel offers a luxury desing accommodation for sophisticated customers. A stylish Jewel Café and Restaurant with breakfast service are located on the ground floor. Lunch and dinners available as well.

Best Gay Travel Hotels and Accomodations in Europe!

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Gay Travel and Places To Stay in ASIA – Russia, India, China, Japan and More

Cambodia ,China ,India , Indonesia,  Japan,  Laos, Maldives, Nepal, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam….

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Best Gay Travel Hotels and Accomodations in Asia, Russia, India, Chinaand Japan!

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Gay Travel and Vacations in the Caribbean

Antigua, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, British Virgin Isl., Cuba, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Guadaloupe, Jamaica, Martinique, Netherlands Antilles, Puerto Rico, St. Barthelemy, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Marten/Sint Maarten, St. Vincent & The Granadines, Trinidad & Tobago, Turks & Caicos, US Virgin Isl….


havana-cuba gay LGBT

HAVANA  CUBA – Before the Communist revolution, Havana was one of the vacation hot-spots of the Caribbean, and since Cuba reopened to tourism in the 1990s, it has become a popular destination once again.

The capital of Cuba, Havana is the largest city in the Caribbean, and one of the most culturally rich urban centres in the world. The city’s appreciation of its glorious colonial past is on display at a dizzying array of castles, cathedrals, mansions and museums. The historic neighborhood of Vieja Habana (Old Havana) is a fascinating UNESCO World Heritage site, with over 900 landmarks, including the Presidential Palace and Cathedral Square.

Plaza Vieja of Havana cuba

MAY  2014 –

IN the Plaza Vieja of Havana, is a quaint independent gay friendly apartment for rent! Bohemia Boutique Apartment.

It has been listed by the Guardian as one of the top 10 places to stay in Havana.  The apartment is fully furbished, plenty of light and very well ventilated.

1 living room with kitchenette, 2 balconies (facing the Patio of the Palace), 1 spacious bedroom with air conditioning, 1 bathroom.
Daily rent 80 CUC (66 EUR or 80 USD)   SEE MORE   HERE

PLUS  the owners have just opened CAFE BOHEMIA  in the same building.


On the renovated and luminous Plaza Vieja in Old Havana, Café Bohemia was recently opened in loving memory of Cuban journalist Ricardo Sáenz, member of the prestigious group that founded Prensa Latina, and which included Jorge Ricardo Massetti, Gabriel García Márquez and other icons of journalism in Latin America.


Thanks to its location in the cool inner courtyard of the colonial building, Café Bohemia is perfect for taking a break from long walks and seeking shelter from the stifling Cuban heat as you explore the Havana’s Historical Center.

Entering the cool inner courtyard where Café Bohemia has set up shop you feel your temperature gauge go down a few notches. More than an escape hatch from Cuba’s sometime stifling heat this is meant to have a Bohemian vibe. A meeting place for Cuban musicians, singer-songwriters, authors and journalists, despite its touristy locale.  READ MORE.


Best Gay Travel Hotels and Accommodations in the Caribbean!

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Gay Travel and Accommodations in South America

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela…

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Best Gay Travel Hotels and Accomodations in South America!

Best Gay Travel Hotels and


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Gay Travel and Accommodations in Africa

Botswana, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia….

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Best Gay Travel Hotels and Accomodations in Africa!

Best Gay Travel Hotels and  

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Gay Travel and Accommodations in Central America

Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama…..

Get listed here – just $75 for the first year!

Best Gay Travel Hotels and Accomodations in Central America!

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CLICK for Gay LGBT Travel in Mexico – Places to Stay

Baja Norte – Tijuana, Baja Sur – Cabo San Lucas, Chiapas – San Cristobal, Colima – Manzanillo, Guanajuato – San Miguel de Allende, Guerrero – Acapulco, Jalisco – Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico City, Michoacan – Morelia, Patzcuaro, Morelos – Cuernavaca, Nayarit – Playa Punta Negra, Puebla, Quintana Roo – Cancun/Playa del Carmen, Veracruz, Yucatan – Merida…

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Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco




HOTEL MERCURIO, a Gay and Lesbian resort hotel for adults.

Puerto Vallarta’s highest rated Gay Hotel, based on guest
( and ). Known for outstanding and friendly
service; exceptional value; gourmet breakfasts; and unbeatable location in the heart of the Gay neighborhood (Zona Romantica).
One and a half blocks from the beach, and just a 5-minute walk to the Gay Beach.

28 rooms include refrigerators, cable
television, air conditioning and ceiling fans, in-room safes, and top
quality bedding and linens. Free wireless Internet and office center.
Free Beach/Pool towel service. 24 hour pool.  Free international calls. Laundry service
available. Knowledgeable concierge.  No other hotel in Vallarta offers
so much for the price.




Best Gay Travel Hotels and Accommodations in Mexico!

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Gay and Lesbian Travel to the Gorgeous South Pacific – Places to Stay and Accommodations

Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, French Polynesia (Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora)

get listed here!  Just  $75 for the first year!

Best Gay Travel Hotels and Accomodations in the South Pacific!

Best Gay Travel Hotels and  

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